• Kris Hunter

    Kris Hunter

    Ret. Army MP, Convention Of States & Article V, Lutheran, Pro Israel, 2nd Amendment , Blue Lives, Freelance Political Investigator

  • Dorothy E. Hardin

    Dorothy E. Hardin

    writer-Zander's Friendship Journey - children's book (April 2014) educ consultant; fan of pop culture, film, sports (Orioles & Ravens), Am CW stuff

  • Michael J Smith

    Michael J Smith

  • George Bruer

    George Bruer

  • Jake Wood

    Jake Wood

    CEO of @TeamRubicon & Author of #TakeCommand | Husband to @indrapetersons | Advisor @pos_rep | Former Marine Sniper & UW Badger

  • Linda Greenup Krueger

    Linda Greenup Krueger

  • bubbachip


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