Ending the Unamerican Practice of Social Injustice in Disaster Relief

In 2020, disasters have amplified inequity and social injustice in the U.S. more than ever before. It’s time to change that.

By Jake Wood and Wes Moore

The lowlands along America’s Gulf Coast are water-soaked. So are the homes that…

“No matter how great or small your service is, it is desired and needed by the world we live in today.”

Clay Hunt (1982–2011) deployed to Haiti with Team Rubicon in the wake of the 2010 earthquake and for service projects beyond the initial response.

Seven years ago, we lost Clay. We reflect on his lasting impact and the legacy across our growing organization. As one of our original members, he help sparked the evolution of what is now 75,000 men and women committed to service.

As we enter 2018, let’s look back at moments that touched Team Rubicon volunteers.

Jeremy LeClair: U.S. Coast Guard, Air National Guard — I was part of the first mold remediation class in Texas during Operation Hard Hustle. I spent the remaining week doing mold assessments looking for a house we could work on. One family was living with their 1-year-old in a camper…

It’s time to give thanks, so we asked Team Rubicon volunteers to weigh in

Thankful for the opportunity to serve again. Greyshirts from across the country let us know what they’re reflecting on this Thanksgiving Day.

Linda Tacy of North Carolina — Thankful for the day when I shouted out to my husband, “I am about to do something that I may regret, but don’t try to stop me!” …

Written by: Aidan Stenson

Nancy Smith Survived a Year-Long Battle with Cancer and Now, She’s Helping Hurricane Survivors Cope with Loss

Hurricane Harvey was devastating. Over its life, the storm caused more than $150 billion in damages and destroyed countless lives across Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast. The disaster spurred thousands of Team Rubicon volunteers to step up and help residents rebuild in the aftermath. One of the first Greyshirts…

In recognition of Veterans Day, we asked a few of our Team Rubicon volunteers to weigh in.

Andrew Hanna: Army Veteran

I believe there’s a reason that Veterans Day is also Armistice Day. November 11th honors those who have stepped forward and sacrificed for the greater good. A beacon of hope that we may one day see an end to armed conflicts. …

Starbucks Employee, Rebecca Chitwood, Shares How She Felt Repurposed After Serving with Team Rubicon.

I am a Marine Corps veteran, but more importantly, I’m a mom (a single mom). I was active duty in the eighties, but did not deploy. I hadn’t seen Team Rubicon’s type of camaraderie since bootcamp.

Recently, I found myself with two adult children. My youngest is finishing high school…

Coquís, they are calling. Really, they are. Out here in San Sebastián, a hub of the western mountains, we hear the calls of these chirping miniature frogs up close and personally each night, and it’s beautiful.

In Isabela on the northern coast, where we based for the first few weeks…

Navy veteran John Nagib reflects on serving with Team Rubicon in Texas after Hurricane Harvey

Sometimes in life things just show up. And, truth be told, the incredible and amazing thing about when things just show up is they often come around precisely when you need them most… and definitely in unexpected ways. …

When flooding affected Kim Keefe’s home in July 2017, she received support from Team Rubicon on Operation Fox Yeah.

When the flood hit our home on July 12, 2017, I stood on my front walkway with water to my knees, hands on my head, stunned. What the hell do we do? The water kept rising, the pumps kept pumping, and the fish started jumping in our front yard. …

Team Rubicon USA

Team Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams. https://teamrubiconusa.org

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